Design of RF and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators

This newly revised edition offers a comprehensive and current treatment of the subject and includes expanded derivations and problem sets, helping to make the material even more accessible and easier to master.

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  • Author : Pieter L. D. Abrie
  • Publisher : Artech House Publishers
  • Pages : 477 pages
  • ISBN :
  • Rating : 4/5 from 21 reviews
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Amplifiers and Oscillators

Amplifiers and Oscillators
  • Author : François de Dieuleveult
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release : 13 July 2018
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Amplifiers and Oscillators Optimization by Simulation provides a comprehensive resource on the topic, including theory and simulation. The book presents a panorama of electronic patterns, from the simple, to the more complicated. Comparisons of different structures and their advantages and disadvantages are included, making this the go-to book for engineers who need to quickly find the characteristics of a circuit and the method of calculation and dimensioning of components that fit a particular design. Explains the theory of amplifiers and

Amplifiers, Comparators, Multipliers, Filters, and Oscillators

Amplifiers, Comparators, Multipliers, Filters, and Oscillators
  • Author : Tertulien Ndjountche
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release : 03 September 2018
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The book presents design methods for analog integrated circuits with improved electrical performance. It describes different equivalent transistor models, design methods, and fabrication considerations for high-density integrated circuits in nanometer CMOS processes, and it analyzes circuit architectures that are suitable for analog building blocks. Highlighting various design challenges, the text offers a complete understanding of architectural- and transistor-level design issues of analog integrated circuits. It examines important trends in the design of high-speed and power-efficient front-end analog circuits that can

Microwave and RF Design, Volume 5

Microwave and RF Design, Volume 5
  • Author : Michael Steer
  • Publisher : NC State University
  • Release : 01 September 2019
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Microwave and RF Design: Amplifiers and Oscillators presents the design of amplifiers and oscillators in a way that enables state-of-the-art designs to be realized. Detailed strategies and case studies are presented. Design of competitive microwave amplifiers and oscillators is particularly challenging as many trade-offs are required in design, and the design decisions cannot be reduced to a formulaic flow. The emphasis is on developing design skills. This book is suitable as both an undergraduate and graduate textbook, as well as

Quantum Electronics

Quantum Electronics
  • Author : V. M. Fain,Ya. I. Khanin
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release : 20 April 2016
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Quantum Electronics, Volume 2: Maser Amplifiers and Oscillators deals with the experimental and theoretical aspects of maser amplifiers and oscillators which are based on the principles of quantum electronics. It shows how the concepts and equations used in quantum electronics follow from the basic principles of theoretical physics. Comprised of three chapters, this volume begins with a discussion on the elements of the theory of quantum oscillators and amplifiers working in the microwave region, along with the practical achievements in this

Electronic Circuits And Applications

Electronic Circuits And Applications
  • Author : U.A.Bakshi A.P.Godse
  • Publisher : Technical Publications
  • Release : 19 January 2021
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Diode ApplicationsVoltage multiplier circuits : Working and comparison of voltage doubler, tripler and voltage quadrupler configurations. Limitations of voltage multiplier circuits. Effect of frequency on load regulation.Clipping and clamping circuits : Series and parallel forms of clipping circuits, Biased clipper, their operation and transfer characteristics. Clamping circuits.MOSFET ApplicationsMOSFET in VLSI : V-I characteristic equation in terms of W/L ratio, MOSFET scaling and small geometry effects, MOSFET capacitances. Modeling MOS transistors using SPICE, CMOS inverter, Static characteristics - Noise margin, threshold