F lle apparative und bildgebende Diagnostik

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  • Author : Andreas Eigler
  • Publisher : Anonim
  • Pages : 123 pages
  • ISBN : 343705841X
  • Rating : 4/5 from 21 reviews
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Prüfungstrainer Notfallsanitäter Heute

Prüfungstrainer Notfallsanitäter Heute
  • Author : Matthias Klausmeier,Martin Pillkowsky,Matthias Thöle
  • Publisher : Fischer Gustav Verlag GmbH & Company KG
  • Release : 20 November 2017
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Machen Sie sich fit für das Staatsexamen der Notfallsanitäterausbildung! Der neue Prüfungstrainer mit prüfungsrelevanten Fallbeispielen, fallbezogenen Fragestellungen und ausführlichen kommentierten Lösungen zu den Prüfungsmodalitäten nach NotSanG-APrV eignet sich optimal zur Prüfungsvorbereitung und ist auf die gesetzlichen Vorgaben für das Staatsexamen der Notfallsanitäterausbildung (fallorientierte Prüfung, prüfungsrelevante Themenbereiche der APrV) abgestimmt. Ein Autorenteam aus erfahrenen Lehrkräften und Prüfern verschiedener Bundesländer liefert Ihnen die Expertise zur konkreten

Mex Das Mündliche Examen

Mex Das Mündliche Examen
  • Author : Sonja Güthoff,Petra Harrer,Theodor Klotz,Lisa Link,Doris Oberle,Stefanie Ophoven,Torben Pottgießer,Marco Schupp,Andrea Vogel,A. Maziar Zafari,Stephan Dützmann,Isabell Dützmann
  • Publisher : Fischer Gustav Verlag GmbH & Company KG
  • Release : 18 March 2019
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MEX Innere Medizin und Chirurgie vereint optimal sowohl das praktische Know-How zu den Fächern Innere Medizin und Chirurgie für den 1. Prüfungstag als auch die Theorie für den 2. Prüfungstag. Dieses Werk garantiert Ihnen somit umfangreiches Wissen, absolute Sicherheit auf allen Themengebieten und natürlich einen souveränen Auftritt vor den Prüfern im 2. Staatsexamen. MEX spart Zeit, enthält keine Redundanzen und macht lästiges Blättern in anderen Werken überflüssig. Hier bekommen Sie wirklich

50 Gastrointestinal Cases and Associated Imaging

50 Gastrointestinal Cases and Associated Imaging
  • Author : Abdullah A Shaikh,
  • Publisher : tfm Publishing Limited
  • Release : 01 January 2013
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Medical students and junior doctors are an integral part of the healthcare system. On an academic gastroenterology service, they often initially evaluate the patients that are then staffed by the consulting physician. Like all clinical specialties, the acquisition of medical knowledge is required to gain expertise. There are several resources such as textbooks and evidence-based articles that are available for this purpose. Inspired from patient care, this book offers a fresh approach to clinical teaching. 50 Gastrointestinal Cases and Associated Imaging

Sobotta Anatomy Textbook

Sobotta Anatomy Textbook
  • Author : Friedrich Paulsen,Tobias M. Böckers,Jens Waschke
  • Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Release : 02 December 2018
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Like the Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, this textbook guides students through the anatomy in a clear, structured manner that is easy to remember. Sobotta excels at comprehensibly explaining the fascinating world of anatomy and carries you safely through every test and your initial patient interactions. Clinical Cases: Presents a relevant practical medical case as it will be encountered during rotation Question time in the Surgery Room: Highlight how students can gain valuable insights into a case by taking structured notes

Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Package, 16th Ed. , English/Latin

Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, Package, 16th Ed. , English/Latin
  • Author : Friedrich Paulsen,Jens Waschke
  • Publisher : Urbfi
  • Release : 14 August 2018
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Sobotta - More than just an Atlas: Learn, Understand and Test your Knowledge Discover the core title of the Sobotta family: the Atlas for students and professionals alike Presented in a practical package combining all three atlas volumes, covering the entire regional anatomy of the human body, as well as, a study book containing Tables of Muscles, Joints and Nerves. The 16th edition introduces the brand new Sobotta Study Loop. A deeper focus on clinical relevance and actively supporting students


  • Author : Elsevier India,Praveen Aggarwal,George K. Mathew
  • Publisher : Unknown Publisher
  • Release : 05 November 2011

The Esc Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine

The Esc Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Author : A. John Camm,Professor of Clinical Cardiology A John Camm,Director of Research Education & Development and Consultant of Cardiology Thomas F Luscher,Thomas F. Luscher,Gerald Maurer,Professor of Cardiology Patrick W Serruys, MD, PhD
  • Publisher : European Society of Cardiology
  • Release : 25 November 2018
GET THIS BOOKThe Esc Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine

This new third edition of The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine is a ground breaking initiative from the European Society of Cardiology that is transforming reference publishing in cardiovascular medicine in order to better serve the changing needs of the global cardiology community. Providing the evidence-base behind clinical practice guidelines, with in-depth peer-reviewed articles and broad coverage of this fast-moving field, both the print and digital publication are invaluable resources for cardiologists across the world. Overseen by Professors A. John

Survival and Event History Analysis

Survival and Event History Analysis
  • Author : Odd Aalen,Ornulf Borgan,Hakon Gjessing
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release : 16 September 2008
GET THIS BOOKSurvival and Event History Analysis

The aim of this book is to bridge the gap between standard textbook models and a range of models where the dynamic structure of the data manifests itself fully. The common denominator of such models is stochastic processes. The authors show how counting processes, martingales, and stochastic integrals fit very nicely with censored data. Beginning with standard analyses such as Kaplan-Meier plots and Cox regression, the presentation progresses to the additive hazard model and recurrent event data. Stochastic processes are