Treasury Decisions Under the Customs Internal Revenue and Other Laws

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  • Author : United States. Department of the Treasury
  • Publisher : Anonim
  • Pages : 123 pages
  • ISBN :
  • Rating : 4/5 from 21 reviews
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Fish Roe

Fish Roe
  • Author : Alaa El-Din A. (Aladin) Bekhit
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release : 17 May 2021

Fish Roe: Biochemistry, Products, and Safety provides coverage of the components available in fish roe and highlights their biological and nutritional effects. In addition, the book explores fish roe products and their safety while also providing coverage of the bioactives that are naturally available in fish roe or generated during processing. Other sections explore the processing of traditional fish roe products from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where fish roe is traditionally consumed and the sensory and safety attributes

Recipes - Fish

Recipes - Fish
  • Author : Source: Wikia
  • Publisher : Books LLC, Wiki Series
  • Release : 01 May 2012
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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 175. Chapters: By ingredient, Eels, Exotic fish, Fish Recipes, Fish roe, Freshwater fish, Seafish, Conger eel, Moray eel, Swamp eel, Barracouta, Barracuda, Barramundi, Butterfish, Flying fish, Jack, Mahi mahi, Parrot fish, Pomfret, Pompano and jack, Snapper, Tilapia, Black fish, Eel, Fish and Shellfish, Lamprey, Trash fish, Abak Afang Soup, Abala, Abenkwan I, Aegean Fish Soup, Afang Soup, Apon ogbono, Assam Laksa Stock, Avocado with Smoked Fish, Badhapu Malu,

Curing And Smoking Fish

Curing And Smoking Fish
  • Author : Stanley Marianski,Adam Marianski
  • Publisher : Bookmagic LLC
  • Release : 17 June 2014
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Curing and Smoking Fish provides all the information needed to understand the entire process of preparing and smoking fish. The subject of making brines is covered in detail and simplified by advocating the use of brine tables and testers. We don’t want the reader to blindly follow recipes, we want him to create them - this is the approach that has been taken by the authors. Fish can be dry salted or immersed in brine; salt can be applied

Taste of Bengal

Taste of Bengal
  • Author : Sikha Saha
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release : 29 April 2014
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Globalization has brought the world closer and has enhanced interest in regional and ethnic cuisines in today’s world. One such ethnic cuisine is that of Bengal. Bengal has an interesting history, a rich heritage and culture and a renowned culinary tradition. Bengalese exalts good food. Cooking fresh vegetables and fish curries and entertaining guests with utmost warmth and care is an important aspect of Bengali culture. Bengali cuisine is well renowned for a wide variety of sweet water fish


  • Author : United States. Bureau of Fisheries
  • Publisher : Unknown Publisher
  • Release : 07 March 1876