Jesus the Christ

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  • Author : James E. Talmage
  • Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
  • Pages : 724 pages
  • ISBN : 3732625842
  • Rating : 3/5 from 1 reviews

Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon
  • Author : Covenant,Covenant Communications, Incorporated
  • Publisher : Covenant Communications
  • Release : 01 September 2003
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Jesus Christ, Sun of God

Jesus Christ, Sun of God
  • Author : David Fideler
  • Publisher : Quest Books
  • Release : 01 October 1993
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The early Christian Gnosis did not spring up in isolation, but drew upon earlier sources. In this book, many of these sources are revealed for the first time. Special emphasis is placed on the Hellenistic doctrine of the "Solar Logos" and the early Christian symbolism which depicted Christ as the Spiritual Sun, the illumination source of order, harmony, and spiritual insight. Based on 15 years of research, this is a unique book which throws a penetrating light on the secret traditions

Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ
  • Author : Larry W. Hurtado
  • Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
  • Release : 14 September 2005
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This outstanding book provides an in-depth historical study of the place of Jesus in the religious life, beliefs, and worship of Christians from the beginnings of the Christian movement down to the late second century. Lord Jesus Christ is a monumental work on earliest Christian devotion to Jesus, sure to replace Wilhelm Bousset s Kyrios Christos (1913) as the standard work on the subject. Larry Hurtado, widely respected for his previous contributions to the study of the New Testament and Christian

Life of Christ

Life of Christ
  • Author : Fulton J. Sheen,General Press
  • Publisher : GENERAL PRESS
  • Release : 18 July 2019
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Widely proclaimed a classic work of Christian faith, Life of Christ has been hailed as the most eloquent of Fulton J. Sheen's many books. The fruit of many years of reflection, prayer, and research, it is a dramatic and moving recounting of the birth, life, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ, and a passionate portrait of the God-Man, the teacher, the healer, and, most of all, the Savior, whose promise has sustained humanity for two millenia. With his customary insight and

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Author : Walter Kasper
  • Publisher : Paulist Press
  • Release : 02 June 2015
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Contains writings from three different stages of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s theological journey. They seek to open up the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is intelligible to today’s readers. The works are: “An Introduction to the Faith,” “Surpassing All Knowledge,” and an original essay on evangelization, “New Evangelization as a Theological, Pastoral, and Spiritual Challenge.”

Who is Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ
  • Author : Abraham Howard Jr.
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Release : 01 May 2014
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This book contains the complete story of the Lord Jesus Christ: AKA "The Word of God." In this book certain proofs are presented that He was with God (the Father) when the heaven and earth were created, and that He is the eternal light of the heaven(s). He created all things and the worlds. Mankind (male and female) is his special creation, and angels are created spirits watching over the welfare of mankind. It was O Lucifer, the great

50 Reasons Jesus Christ Is God

50 Reasons Jesus Christ Is God
  • Author : Charles Jesus Sanferrare
  • Publisher : Charles Jesus Sanferrare
  • Release : 01 June 2017
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50 Reasons Jesus Christ Is God book is based on God's invitation, "Come, let us reason together", and offers 50 reasons from the Bible that the reader can use to understand or defend this important and mentally difficult truth: Jesus Christ is God.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  • Author : Lynn Hiles
  • Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
  • Release : 28 July 2011
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For anyone struggling to understand John s writings in Revelation, this book provides true, Biblically-based answers. Through detailed insight into the letters John wrote to seven churches of his day, you will learn how to avoid the inherent pitfalls of the first Adam mentality to overcome today's trials and tribulations. The more you understand the Book of Revelation, the more you will be disarmed of the fears, intimidations, rhetoric, and flood of information spewing from the dragon s mouth. This

Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America

Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America
  • Author : Almon Fackrell
  • Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
  • Release : 04 December 2013
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Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America By Almon Fackrell ." . . And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice . . ." (John 10:14-16) The Bible, being the most revered book of the Christians, along with the collected treasures of Mayan and Aztec antiquities, testifies: Jesus Christ Visited Ancient America. Being an enthusiast of Bible versions, and after visiting the Aztec and Mayan ruins in Mexico, Almon Fackrell was prompted to have