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  • Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
  • Publisher : Anonim
  • Pages : 123 pages
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  • Rating : 4/5 from 21 reviews

The Slit Lamp

The Slit Lamp
  • Author : Marcus-Matthias Gellrich
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release : 19 November 2013

In this book the author describes in detail the history, construction, and examination potential of the slit lamp. In particular, however, he presents a new approach – videography – that allows the ophthalmologist to document all eye diseases with the slit lamp and a video camera in a practicable, rapid, and affordable manner. The necessary methods, techniques, and equipment, including converging, diverging, and contact lenses, are clearly explained in the text and four didactic videos. The 20 most important videographic settings are described,

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy
  • Author : Martin Zinkernagel,Chantal Dysli
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release : 29 July 2019
GET THIS BOOKFluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy

This book focuses on the emerging non-invasive imaging technique of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy (FLIO). FLIO reveals unique information on retinal diseases, ranging from age-related macular degeneration and vascular diseases to hereditary retinal dystrophies. Fluorescence lifetimes enable the evaluation of disease progression before irreversible structural changes occur. The image acquisition is suitable for diagnostic purposes and follow-up examinations to investigate the natural course of disease, and to monitor the effects of possible therapies. This book fills the gap between available

Translational Regenerative Medicine

Translational Regenerative Medicine
  • Author : Anthony Atala,Julie Allickson
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release : 01 December 2014
GET THIS BOOKTranslational Regenerative Medicine

Translational Regenerative Medicine is a reference book that outlines the life cycle for effective implementation of discoveries in the dynamic field of regenerative medicine. By addressing science, technology, development, regulatory, manufacturing, intellectual property, investment, financial, and clinical aspects of the field, this work takes a holistic look at the translation of science and disseminates knowledge for practical use of regenerative medicine tools, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Incorporating contributions from leaders in the fields of translational science across academia, industry, and government,

Veterinary Ophthalmology

Veterinary Ophthalmology
  • Author : Kirk N. Gelatt,Gil Ben-Shlomo,Brian C. Gilger,Diane V. H. Hendrix,Thomas J. Kern,Caryn E. Plummer
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 26 January 2021
GET THIS BOOKVeterinary Ophthalmology

Diese vollständig aktualisierte und überarbeitete Ausgabe des Standardwerks der veterinärmedizinischen Augenheilkunde präsentiert die neuesten Diagnose- und Therapieverfahren. Das Fachbuch deckt die Grundlagenwissenschaften und klinische Behandlungsmethoden ab, spiegelt den aktuellen Stand der Forschung wider und beschäftigt sich mit der Augenheilkunde sämtlicher Tierarten, darunter Hunde, Katzen, Pferde, Großtiere und Exoten. Augenerkrankungen bei Katzen, Pferden und Vögeln werden noch ausführlicher und anhand von nahezu zweitausend Farbfotos erläutert. Dieses Fachbuch ist ein Muss für

Ophthalmic Disease in Veterinary Medicine

Ophthalmic Disease in Veterinary Medicine
  • Author : Charles L. Martin
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release : 25 September 2009
GET THIS BOOKOphthalmic Disease in Veterinary Medicine

The softcover edition of this comprehensive, superbly illustrated textbook contains key updates to the text and references, reflecting the main developments in science and in practice since first publication. It is aimed squarely at veterinarians in practice and training interested in all types of ophthalmic diseases and disorders. Species coverage is mainly dog and cat with additional material on the horse and the cow. Following an outline of the basic elements of ophthalmic science relevant to study and practice, the

Ocular Therapeutics

Ocular Therapeutics
  • Author : Garg Ashok,Medical Director Ashok Garg
  • Release : 15 December 2013
GET THIS BOOKOcular Therapeutics

The third edition of this book Ocular Therapeutics has been completely updated with addition of all new ocular drugs and delivery systems in every group of medicine used in ophthalmic disease and surgeries. Sixty-nine chapters of this line have been grouped as preliminary section, Applied Ocular Therapeutics and Recent Advances. In this comprehensive book leading International Ocular Drug Experts have shared their experiences and evidence-based knowledge in the form of chapters. It shall serve as ready reference for all ophthalmologists