What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur an

Presents a history of Islam and the Qur®an and its impact on world history and events, including the relationship between Islamic countries and the United States.

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  • Author : William J. Federer
  • Publisher : Amerisearch Incorporated
  • Pages : 288 pages
  • ISBN : 9780977808557
  • Rating : 5/5 from 1 reviews
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Islam and America

Islam and America
  • Author : Anouar Majid
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
  • Release : 16 December 2011
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Islam and America argues that the current animosity between the U.S. and Muslim world should be understood through the often-overlooked history between the two. Tracing the genealogy of this conflicted relationship from the Pilgrims to the present, author Anouar Majid weaves personal stories with historical narratives to offer a critical view of both cultures and to suggest a path towards future peace. The book shows how America’s current conflict with Islam is rooted in a long and complicated

War Against Islam

War Against Islam
  • Author : George P. Robertson
  • Publisher : Lulu.com
  • Release : 01 June 2008
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This novel is a fictional depiction of the rise of a right-wing Presidential candidate who wins the 2008 election, takes measures to reduce American dependence on Middle Eastern oil and then wages unfettered war on Islamic nations. The story weaves imagination and reality. There are many references to current and historical events. The principal characters resemble actual politicians and world leaders. Astute readers will be able to make the necessary connections, if they so wish. Nonetheless, the fictional equivalents are probably

Why Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion--and Vice Versa

Why Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion--and Vice Versa
  • Author : Thomas A. Lewis
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release : 14 November 2015
GET THIS BOOKWhy Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion--and Vice Versa

Work in philosophy of religion is still strongly marked by an excessive focus on Christianity and, to a lesser extent, Judaism -- almost to the exclusion of other religious traditions. Moreover, in many cases it has been confined to a narrow set of intellectual problems, without embedding these in their larger social, historical, and practical contexts. Why Philosophy Matters for the Study of Religion--and Vice Versa addresses this situation through a series of interventions intended to work against the gap

Mnemosyne's Altar

Mnemosyne's Altar
  • Author : D. L. Bradley
  • Publisher : Lulu.com
  • Release : 13 June 2015
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Born in Chicago, Illinois, during the Great Depression, the fictionalized author narrates for his children the story of his life in the Twentieth Century. His account begins with the loss of innocence during childhood and concludes with realization of his pending last moments. It is an account which moves him from a life among a little known religious sect, The Brethren of Northern Illinois and Indiana, through some of the defining moments of the Twentieth Century as experienced by one

Women in Islam

Women in Islam
  • Author : Terence Lovat
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release : 12 June 2012
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The role of women in Islamic societies, not to mention in the religion itself, is a defining issue. It is also one that remains resistant to universal dogma, with a wide range of responses to women’s social roles across the Islamic world. Reflecting this heterogeneity, the editor of this volume has assembled the latest research on the issue, which combines contemporary with historical data. The material comes from around the world as well as from Muslim and non-Muslim researchers.

What Every American and Christian Should Know about Islam

What Every American and Christian Should Know about Islam
  • Author : William Merrifield
  • Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
  • Release : 08 November 2018
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It is not the intent of this book to provide commentary to the whole of the Qur'an. What it does propose is to cover those areas of the Qur'an that will give the reader an awareness of the Islamic world's understanding of its relationship to the rest of the world and to the world's other religions. One would think there would be some grand plan for the writing of such a book. The truth is, it was ongoing discussions on

The Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding

The Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding
  • Author : R. Scott Appleby,Atalia Omer,David Little
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
  • Release : 30 November 2021
GET THIS BOOKThe Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding

This volume provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary account of the scholarship on religion, conflict, and peacebuilding. Looking far beyond the traditional parameters of the field, the contributors engage deeply with the legacies of colonialism, missionary activism, secularism, orientalism, and liberalism as they relate to the discussion of religion, violence, and nonviolent transformation and resistance. Featuring numerous case studies from various contexts and traditions, the volume is organized thematically into five different parts. It begins with an up-to-date mapping of scholarship

The Development of Saudi-Iranian Relations since the 1990s

The Development of Saudi-Iranian Relations since the 1990s
  • Author : Fahad M. Alsultan,Pedram Saeid
  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Release : 25 August 2016
GET THIS BOOKThe Development of Saudi-Iranian Relations since the 1990s

Saudi Arabia and Iran have established themselves as the two regional heavyweights in one of the world’s most tumultuous but critically significant regions. The two countries compete on many fronts, including regional politics, oil prices, and for leadership of the Islamic world, a competition with undeniable repercussions for the Greater Middle East and for the world. Some observers have gone so far as to claim that virtually everything that happens in this area of the world can be viewed

Citizen Militia

Citizen Militia
  • Author : Rear Admiral Joseph H. Miller,Mrs. Cathy Miller R.N. CNRN
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Release : 28 February 2019
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History is filled with wars. We dream the victories and defeats, great and small, and note how they have shaped our world. Wars and social movements have made our civilization as we know it. Man’s religion and past wars gives us an understanding of the present. In 1075, a militia loyal to the crown was used against the Norman rebellion. A militia in 1285, and later a Law of Trusts, reorganized the militia. In 1471, with the aid of the militia, towns

God Beyond Borders

God Beyond Borders
  • Author : Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Release : 17 March 2014
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Based on ten years of research, God Beyond Borders is a comprehensive study of interreligious learning in faith communities. The United States is one of the most religiously diverse countries of the world. Kujawa-Holbrook details the many practices of interreligious learning in faith communities; through interreligious encounters, religious education, shared sacred space, shared prayer, and compassionate action. The book also surveys the field of interreligious learning and investigates some of the more common intentionally interreligious communities--families, clergy groups, chaplaincies, and

An “I” Israel for Another “I” Islam

An “I” Israel for Another “I” Islam
  • Author : FRANCIS LIS
  • Publisher : Trafford Publishing
  • Release : 05 June 2012
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This is a book written in the contemporary and speaks about a more-than-possible future that is to come to the world and how America betrays Israel for Islam! It is as things today in America are like with this present government, and it describes things as they really are and not as one would like them to be or want them to be and so is written as things really are. Also this book is based on facts but written

When Religion Becomes Lethal

When Religion Becomes Lethal
  • Author : Charles Kimball
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 25 February 2011
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A compelling look at today's complex relationship between religion and politics In his second book, bestselling author Charles Kimball addresses the urgent global problem of the interplay between fundamentalist Abrahamic religions and politics and moves beyond warning signs (the subject of his first book) to the dangerous and lethal outcomes that their interaction can produce. Drawing on his extensive personal and professional knowledge of, experience with and access to all three traditions, Kimball's explanation of the multiple ways religion and