When Kids Can t Read what Teachers Can Do

A guide to help teachers reach struggling readers offers practical strategies, classroom skills, and activities.

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  • Author : G. Kylene Beers
  • Publisher : Boynton/Cook
  • Pages : 392 pages
  • ISBN :
  • Rating : 4.5/5 from 6 reviews
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Why Kids Can't Read

Why Kids Can't Read
  • Author : Phyllis Blaunstein,Reid Lyon
  • Publisher : Unknown Publisher
  • Release : 26 February 2021
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This book takes the reader step-by-step through an understanding of the research on reading and ways in which parents and educators can make a difference in the learning ability of every student in our nation's schools.

Scales on Censorship

Scales on Censorship
  • Author : Pat R. Scales
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release : 14 April 2015
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Scales on Censorship: Real Life Lessons from School Library Journal contains Pat R. Scales collected columns, all written in response to active book challenges or questions of intellectual freedom and library ethics. These columns have a ripped from the headlines immediacy even as they reflect the core values and policies of librarianship. They are organized by topic and each is framed with a brief new introductory essay. Scales’ powerful reputation and practical ethically-based solutions has made her a key spokesperson

Reading in the Brain

Reading in the Brain
  • Author : Stanislas Dehaene
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 12 November 2009
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A renowned cognitive neuroscientist?s fascinating and highly informative account of how the brain acquires reading How can a few black marks on a white page evoke an entire universe of sounds and meanings? In this riveting investigation, Stanislas Dehaene provides an accessible account of the brain circuitry of reading and explores what he calls the ?reading paradox?: Our cortex is the product of millions of years of evolution in a world without writing, so how did it adapt to

When Bright Kids Can't Learn

When Bright Kids Can't Learn
  • Author : John F. Heath
  • Publisher : When Bright Kids Can\'t Learn
  • Release : 01 September 2007
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The title When Bright Kids Can't Learn might seem to be an oxymoron. However one in five people fit the profile. For every such struggling student there are three advocated who are aggressively trying to find a solution. This book is written for those who are searching for the key that will set mind free.

I Will Not Read This Book

I Will Not Read This Book
  • Author : Cece Meng
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release : 06 September 2011
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This is the story of how the ultimate reluctant reader became a book lover. The little boy in I Will Not Read This Book has a lot of excuses, because if there is one thing he doesn’t want to do, it’s read this book. He won’t read it even if you hang him upside down by one toe, over a cliff, with sharks down below. And you know what? You. Can’t. Make. Him. In this book

Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children

Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
  • Author : National Research Council,Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences,Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children
  • Publisher : National Academies Press
  • Release : 22 July 1998
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While most children learn to read fairly well, there remain many young Americans whose futures are imperiled because they do not read well enough to meet the demands of our competitive, technology-driven society. This book explores the problem within the context of social, historical, cultural, and biological factors. Recommendations address the identification of groups of children at risk, effective instruction for the preschool and early grades, effective approaches to dialects and bilingualism, the importance of these findings for the professional

Raising Kids Who Read

Raising Kids Who Read
  • Author : Daniel T. Willingham
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 24 February 2015
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How parents and educators can teach kids to love reading in thedigital age Everyone agrees that reading is important, but kids today tendto lose interest in reading before adolescence. In Raising KidsWho Read, bestselling author and psychology professor Daniel T.Willingham explains this phenomenon and provides practicalsolutions for engendering a love of reading that lasts intoadulthood. Like Willingham's much-lauded previous work, WhyDon't Students Like School?, this new book combinesevidence-based analysis with engaging, insightful recommendationsfor the future. Intellectually rich argumentation is

The Knowledge Gap

The Knowledge Gap
  • Author : Natalie Wexler
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 06 August 2019
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The untold story of the root cause of America's education crisis--and the seemingly endless cycle of multigenerational poverty. It was only after years within the education reform movement that Natalie Wexler stumbled across a hidden explanation for our country's frustrating lack of progress when it comes to providing every child with a quality education. The problem wasn't one of the usual scapegoats: lazy teachers, shoddy facilities, lack of accountability. It was something no one was talking about: the elementary school

Thing Lou Couldn't Do, The

Thing Lou Couldn't Do, The
  • Author : Ashley Spires
  • Publisher : Kids Can Press Ltd
  • Release : 02 May 2017
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An endearing story about a little girl who doesnÍt think she can. ñUp there! The tree can be our ship!î one of LouÍs friends exclaims when they decide to play pirates. ñUmmm ƒî responds Lou. Usually she loves adventures. But this is new. Lou has never climbed a tree before. And she knows she canÍt do it. She doesnÍt even want to try. But this adventure does look fun, and when all her excuses run out, Lou

While We Can't Hug

While We Can't Hug
  • Author : Eoin McLaughlin
  • Publisher : Faber & Faber
  • Release : 19 May 2020
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From the team behind the bestselling The Hug, a heart-warming picture book that shows us ways to be affectionate while social distancing. Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends. They wanted to give each other a great, big hug. But they weren't allowed to touch. "Don't worry," said Owl. "There are lots of ways to show someone you love them." So the two friends wave to each other, blow kisses, sing songs, dance around and write letters. And even